Convallaria majalis

Cultivars / varieties

The common lily-of-the-valley grows about 10 to 20cm tall, depending on the soil, available nutrients and water and the intensity of light.
But as you can see in the Sales List elsewhere on this website, there are also much larger Convallaria varieties that grow up to even 45cm tall!

All existing cultivars have white flowers, except one: the pink lily of the valley: Convallaria majalis var. rosea or Convallaria majalis 'Rosea'. In literature both names are mentioned for the same cultivar.
This variety flowers with soft pink bells, which turn darker pink when the plant is on a more shady spot.

Flowers from Convallaria majalis 'Blush' and var. transcaucasica get a very soft tint of pink. At first sight hard to see, but if you see a white lily beside them, you'll definitely see the difference.

Some other remarkable forms are Convalaria majalis 'Flore Pleno' and C. majalis 'Prolificans'.
The first mentioned has the double number of petals, so it is double flowered.
The second has each flower replaced by a cluster of 3 to even 7 flowers, of which the main flower is one to two weeks ahead in blooming compared to the surrounding bells in the cluster.
This results in a strongly extended flowering time and the fragrance is even stronger too.
So a lily of the valley that should definitely be in your collection!

For short cultivar descriptions of the many other varieties: see the catalogue page elsewhere on this website.

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